Why Choose Us?

There are several good home inspectors in this area. Accurate Home Inspections, however, has taken a number of important steps, to put together a unique package dedicated to providing a thorough and objective evaluation of houses about to become homes. At Accurate Home Inspections, your home inspector is Alan Swack.

Four reasons why Accurate Home Inspections is the right choice for you:

Thorough inspections
Thorough inspections

A special emphasis on Customer Service.

We understand that buying or selling a home is something most folks only do a few times in a lifetime. It is personal and exciting...but also daunting. We realize that people in this position rely heavily on others, with more experience, for guidance and feedback about this important decision. We take that responsibility very seriously and place a special emphasis on making sure the information we provide is accurate, objective and timely, to allow you the best decision making opportunity possible.

A Pre-Inspection Agreement gives you full disclosure of what to expect.

Before you spend one minute or one dime with an Accurate Home Inspections inspector, this document provides you with a full understanding of what to expect in terms of cost, dates, standards, rating definitions and the purpose and scope of the inspection.

A thorough home inspection is only as good as its documentation.

While most inspectors will give you a 10 to 15 page summary of their findings, Accurate Home Inspections will provide you with a 20 page, user friendly, Home Inspection Report. Not only does this bound report serve as a guide for the inspector – it also provides you with a room by room, roof to sump pump analysis of the property under consideration.

Appropriate communication regarding the inspection.

The world of residential real estate generally involves a buyer, a seller and one or more realtors. When you hire us, we communicate directly with you in an open and honest way. We remain loyal to your objectives, and we always encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the inspection.

Don't Forget Radon Testing!

Testing is inexpensive and easy.