New Construction Warranty Inspection Coralville, Iowa City, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids

Your new construction warranty inspection deadline is one you don’t want to miss!

If you’ve owned a home for any length of time, you already understand the reality of normal wear and tear. A home requires constant upkeep to ensure it looks and functions according to plan. But what about new construction warranty defects? These defects can lead to catastrophic failures and large, unexpected financial burdens. After investing your time, money, and energy into the home of your dreams, you’ll want peace of mind well into the future that it will last. The answer is a new construction warranty inspection.

Accurate Home Inspection focuses on two main areas of new construction warranty inspection:

  1. Identifying defects in building materials
  2. Identifying defects in contractor workmanship

Warning: The average homeowner, due to lack of experience, often cannot tell the difference between normal and defective when it comes to building materials and workmanship. It takes a trained eye. It takes education. It takes seeing the good and the bad on a daily basis. Do not rely on city inspection approval of the construction permit.

At Accurate Inspections, Inc., we will see things that you never thought of looking for. We charge a minimal inspection fee, so please don’t hesitate to contact us before your contractor warranty expires. (Call Alan Swack at 319-331-3345.)

Here are examples common defects often found during inspection prior to construction warranty expiration:

  • Improper roofing installation (see this article)
  • Unsafe csst gas line bonding (watch this video)
  • Caulking and sealant issues
  • Failing structural lumber
  • Water management concerns
  • Improper structural nailing
  • Siding and gutter issues
  • Air and water leakages
  • Insulation deficiencies
  • Radon problems (radon testing fees apply – see radon quiz)
  • And so on…

The purpose of a new construction warranty is to protect you from such issues. You’ll have until the warranty expires to ensure your investment is sound. After that, the contractor can say, “You’re on your own.” Wouldn’t you rather play it safe than take chances? Wouldn’t you rather have any major defects discovered and pointed out, so that your contractor can honor the deal you made on quality guarantees when you bought your new home?


Hopefully this has been of value to you.

Please call us anytime. We specialize in full home inspections that are accurate and reliable. We respond very quickly when customers call, and we pride ourselves on being helpful, knowledgeable, and at your service. We are more than willing to travel to surrounding cities and small towns within a 30 miles radius of Coralville, Iowa City, and North Liberty.

Thanks for reading…

Alan Swack

Certified Home Inspector

Accurate Inspections, Inc.


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